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About Thera Sauna & QCA Spa

At QCA Spas, Inc., their mission is to stay “A Step Ahead” by engaging in continuous research and design, striving to develop the most innovative infrared dry saunas and hydrotherapy performance spas on the market today. Above all, they prioritize their customers’ personal satisfaction, making it their unwavering commitment.

TheraSauna® – The Leading Innovator in Far Infrared Therapy

QCA Spas, Inc.’s parent company, QCA Spas, has earned recognition as one of the oldest spa companies in America, with a history dating back to 1966. Throughout the years, QCA Spas has been known as a trailblazer, introducing patented Spa Therapy to alleviate pain, stiffness, and promote healthier lifestyles. Drawing from these time-honored philosophies, they have seamlessly integrated them into their cutting-edge product, TheraSauna® Infrared Health Saunas.

In 1995, TheraSauna® made history by obtaining its first patent for the innovative Stable Heat™ System. Today, their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology remains unwavering, as TheraSauna® boasts several patents and pending patents for their state-of-the-art MPS Infrared Control System™. With a firm commitment to safety and quality, TheraSauna® has undergone rigorous testing and approval by CSA, a renowned safety testing agency for the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, they have attained the prestigious CE approval, signifying adherence to the highest standards in Europe. In their pursuit of excellence, TheraSauna® has also submitted applications for registration with the Food and Drug Administration, seeking recognition for their exceptional Infrared Health devices.

With TheraSauna®, customers can embark on a journey of enhanced well-being, backed by a heritage of innovation and a company devoted to their ultimate comfort and health. QCA Spas, Inc. remains dedicated to their mission, committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering unmatched products and experiences to their valued customers.

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Material Quality

TheraSauna® is made of aspen hardwood, which is a clear wood grown at elevations where the trees do not produce an insecticide. Their aspen wood is carefullty chosen, they make sure that all of our aspen wood is furniture grade. Other saunas have thinner wood and are much less durable, where Therasauna® uses only the thickest and most durable wood, 2-3 times thicker than our competitors.

Material Quality

Design & Finish

Hand crafted & Hand finished featuring; Smoke Tempered Glass, Internal lighting is incandescent, Fully Dimmable Reading Light, external lighting is Motion-Sensor Lighting on all Saunas, Optional 15 Color Dimmable Chromotherapy Light, Optional FM Radio/CD Player/Bluetooth/MP3 Hookup Stereo System, built in sound therapy, Height 75-78 Inches tall, Patented 7 Day Programmable Control, Reversible (Flat or Curved), Heavy-Duty Bench SeatingBuilt-In, Curved Backrest
Design & Finish

Delivery & Install

Specialized Bolt-Together Design
Delivery & Install

Price & Value

Limited lifetime warranty, Thick durable & hypoallergenic aspen wood
Price & Value

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Product Range

Thera Sauna & QCA Spa

Coffee Rustic
Gray Natural
Gray Rustic
Metallic Bronze
Metallic Copper
Metallic Pearl

Cazo Fire Bowl GFRC


Thera Sauna, 3-4 Person | TS8454


Thera Sauna, 2-3 Person | TS5753


Thera Sauna, 2 Person | TS4746


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