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Elevate your mood and enhance your vitality using our Polar Cold Plunge Tub. Crafted in Canada by Leisurecraft, this tub features an aluminum shell embraced by a white cedar skirt, presenting a high-quality option for cold plunge therapy, whether combined with a sauna or enjoyed separately. For convenience, the optional roll-up cover safeguards your water’s cleanliness during idle moments. Additionally, each cold plunge tub includes a user-friendly drain compatible with any garden hose. With its external dimensions measuring 71″x33″x25″ and thoughtfully angled sides for effortless entry and exit, the tub accommodates 190 gallons of water.

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Experience invigorating energy and uplifted spirits with the Polar Plunge Tub. Expertly crafted in Canada by Leisurecraft, this cold plunge essential boasts an aluminium shell, white cedar skirt, and optional roll-up cover for pristine water. Easy drainage and accommodating dimensions of 71″x33″x25″ ensure seamless use. Elevate your well-being with the Polar Plunge Tub’s 190-gallon capacity.

About Canadian Timber

This Canadian Timber Collection Sauna by Dundalk LeisureCraft is handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar that is lighter in color and has tight knots in the wood. 

Included In This Sauna Kit:

Featured Highlights

Aluminium Inside

Made in Canada welded aluminium shell for a long last cold plunge tub.​

Easy to Drain

Easy to use floor drain to re-use the water with the garden hose connector.

Easy to Move

Lightweight and sturdy this tub is easy to re locate.


Process To Order

1. You Place Your Order
2. Dundalk prepares and cuts the premium White Cedarwood that your tub will be comprised of
3. The order arrives at your delivery location in easy-to-assemble crates
4. Allow 3-4 hours to assemble with 2 individuals
5. You are ready to enjoy your first cold plunge tub!

Made To Order

All Dundalk Saunas & Products are Made to Order.
Current shipping lead time is 8-12 weeks.
If you would like to make a deposit to reserve your sauna until it is ready to ship, please call us at the number below.

Call Us: 1-947-300-4001

Assembly & Install

Below are the dimensions & instructional videos for assembly.


Assembly Videos

Delivery & Shipping

Dundalk LeisureCraft Responsibilities

  • Building and packing your sauna in a crate
  • Arranging for shipping to your home

Trucking Company Responsibilities

  1. Making an appointment to deliver your sauna
  2. Delivering your sauna to the end of your driveway or curbside
    • The trucking company is NOT responsible for unloading the sauna
    • The trucking company is NOT going to back their truck into your driveway
    • Most times the trucking company will deliver with an 18-wheel truck
    • Will this size truck fit on your road or neighbourhood?
  3. If the sauna crate is less than 92” (7 feet), the trucking company may have a lift gate on the back of the truck which can be used to assist in getting the sauna off the truck.
  4. If the sauna crate is more than 92”, there will not be a lift gate to unload the sauna crate and the customer needs to decide how they are going to get the crate off the truck.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Returning phone calls to the trucking company in a timely manner, to arrange delivery
  2. Determining how the sauna is going to be unloaded from the truck
    • Crates will vary from 6 feet long to 14 feet long
    • The crate’s weight will vary from 800 pounds to 1600 pounds, depending on the size of the sauna
  3. The customer is responsible for unloading the sauna crate from the truck
    1. Suggested methods for unloading the truck
    2. Use a forklift or other mechanical piece of equipment
    3. When using a forklift to pick up the crates, they must be picked up from the end of the crate and forklift extensions are required. 
    4. Renting a tilt tow truck to pick up the sauna from the local terminal and have it delivered to your home
    5. Have a crew of helpers able to either take the sauna off the truck or unload the crate while on the truck until the crate can be lifted off the truck
  4. If the crate arrives damaged, you can accept the shipment, however, please take pictures of the damage, and note the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL). Immediately, contact your dealer or Dundalk, so we can contact the shipper.
    • Mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) with “(Crate arrived open/damaged- Possible Hidden Damage.”




1-2 Person

Leisurecraft is a family owned Canadian manufacturer that is located in Melancthon (formerly Dundalk) Ontario. We produce quality rustic solid wood (cedar, pine and maple) indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor saunas, tiki bars, gazebos and more.

We started with outdoor cedar furniture and as our customers grew so did our offerings. 

We added Saunas and Tiki bars then indoor furniture to the lineup. We are now the leading manufacturer of Leisure products in Canada and always adding additional products to keep up with demand.

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