Dundalk The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub | CT372W


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From Leisurecraft’s Canadian Timber Collection, the Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub epitomizes luxury. With an aluminum-lined body, internal heater, and roll-up cover, enjoy the comfort of cedar accents and a quick warm-up for a relaxing soak in under 3 hours.

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Crafted in North America by Leisurecraft, the Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub is a standout from the Canadian Timber Collection. This wood-fired hot tub features an aluminum-lined body, complete with an internal heater and a convenient roll-up cover featuring support arms for easy installation at the tub’s end. The outer white cedar skirt harmonizes effortlessly with the Saunas & Showers in the same collection. Inside, indulge in comfort with wooden backrests and a western red cedar floor. Ignite the stove, and in under 3 hours, relish a soothing hot tub session under the starry sky.





1-2 Person

Leisurecraft is a family owned Canadian manufacturer that is located in Melancthon (formerly Dundalk) Ontario. We produce quality rustic solid wood (cedar, pine and maple) indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor saunas, tiki bars, gazebos and more.

We started with outdoor cedar furniture and as our customers grew so did our offerings. 

We added Saunas and Tiki bars then indoor furniture to the lineup. We are now the leading manufacturer of Leisure products in Canada and always adding additional products to keep up with demand.

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